Benefits of Choosing a Lift Tower

THE BENEFITS OF CHOOSING AN ENGINEERED LIFT TOWER The Benefits of Choosing a Lift Tower For Your Elevator At Shotton Lifts, we offer both engineered towers and structural wall-mounted lifts to suit all your needs and budget. Towerless using brackets to structural wall – we fix to your engineered wall. Engineered tower – towered version […]

Shotton Lifts Show Room 2023

SHOTTON LIFTS NEW SHOW ROOM 2023 Something New Is Coming… Coming straight off the press, we have some exciting news that’s about to drop… Introducing you to our new Shotton Lifts’ Show Room! Currently undergoing renovations, the Shotton Lifts Show Room is expected to open mid-November 2023 and will allow our customers to not only […]

Benefits of regularly servicing and maintaining your elevator

BENEFITS OF REGULARLY SERVICING AND MAINTAINING YOUR ELEVATOR Purchasing an elevator for your property is a substantial investment, and like any investment, you want it to be safe, reliable and have long-term value to you, which is why servicing your lift regularly helps you provide a layer of protection to that investment. The key benefits […]