Lift accessories

Shotton Lifts can provide flexible selection of interiors so that you can create an elevator design that matches your building perfectly.

Choose from our range of control operation panels.

Residential controls

Commercial controls

COP Flush Mount Phone SET.1739[9]
COP FULL SET.1570[77]

Choose from our range of landing operation panels.

Residential panels

Commercial panels

A range of lighting options to suit your needs.


CEILING: Lighting

Shotton Lifts offers a range of different ceiling designs, equipped with modern LED innovative lighting solutions that help create just the right atmosphere inside the Lift. Our ceilings are designed to give the best possible lighting quality while avoiding glare, ensuring every Lift trip is a pleasant and safe one.

Our lighting solutions are also energy efficient – our LED lights use 80% less energy than traditional halogen lights.

Below are the standard lighting options available to choose

  • 4 off LED spot/downlights for all residential and commercial lifts
  • 2 or 4 off LED spot/downlights for all residential lifts
  • Optional LED strip lighting available for all lift models

A range of ceiling options tailored your requirements.


CEILING – Finishes

We believe that every purchase you make from us should leave a signature of your choice of lift interior.  We offer a huge range of colours and finishes some standard and other as options. Our standard ceiling is produced and finished to stainless steel brushed finish or your choice from our selection of Dulux powder coated finishes. We can also offer mirror stainless steel or textured stainless steel finish to the ceilings with extra cost if needed. Consult Shotton Lifts for pricing and lead time options.

Choose from our handrail options.


Banksia residential lift doors

All our Banksia residential lifts are fitted with swing doors that blend in with the interior of your home. Our Banksia lifts are fitted with locally produced timber and MDF doors in a wide range of styles. We partner with a leading local door manufacturer in Victoria to provide you a huge range of options to satisfy your needs. You can match it with your other doors or contrast with a full timber grain or glass panel.

Flat panel raw MDF doors are Standard with features such as glass, timber grain are options. Door heights are Standard 2040mm and optional 2340mm available. Consult Shotton Lifts for pricing and lead time options.

Balmoral premium & Melba commercial lift doors

As per AS1735.12 all our premium and commercial lifts come with standard Automatic sliding doors. They bring a whole lot of value & benefits with them for your living or commercial space. These modern doors not only add a great look to the interiors but have many other advantages in terms of easy operational interface and accessibility.

Our standard range of sliding doors are equipped with side parting 2 panels, with stainless steel brushed finish. They are also fire rated to the Australian standard. Other options for the Auto sliding doors are,

  • Optional Glass panels with frame and frames less
  • Centre opening doors with 2 or 4 panels

Please note that all optional features require a longer lead time than standard 14 weeks lead time. Consult Shotton Lifts for pricing and lead time options.

Please note this is a small variety of accessories shown. Get in touch with Shotton Lifts for more options.

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