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Shotton imported platform lifts range
Enclosed Platform
Premium Residential Lift
Ascensa Lift

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Extollo Lift

Range of Platform Lifts

Enclosed Platform Lift400kg540.15M/secScrew DrivenResidential / Commercial - 4.0m
Ascensa Lift340kg420.15M/secPlatformResidential - 1.0m
Extollo Lift340kg420.15M/secPlatformCommercial - 1.5m

Platform Lifts – Shotton Lifts’ Wide Selection of Accessible Lifts

Platform lifts offer accessible transport solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

 Shotton Lifts provides a wide range of vertical accessible lifts, including home platform lifts, to allow movement between multiple floors with the utmost ease and safety. 

Their enclosed Platform Lifts (SB200) are imported from Europe and are designed to meet Australian standards, while their New Zealand built Low rise platforms are specially designed for wheelchair use between up to 1.5 metres. Furthermore, both have been design registered with Worksafe for extra peace of mind in terms of safety and performance efficiency.

Shotton Lifts provide accessible solutions for those in wheelchairs or otherwise who need the convenience of a vertical platform lift. 

Our accessible lifts are perfect for indoor use in any type of dwelling, including homes, retail outlets, offices, schools, hotels and restaurants. With a wide range of residential and commercial platform lifts to choose from, we provide customers with choices that will meet their specific requirements without breaking the budget. 

If you are looking for an accessible lift to improve the quality of your lifestyle or business operations, then we urge you to get in touch today for a quick chat and learn how one of our home platform lifts can benefit you.
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Lift Purchasing & Installation Process

Shotton Lifts team will guide you through the process of purchasing and installing the platform lift best suitable for your needs. Starting with a FREE consultation, and ending with our final inspection. Though we don’t do the building works ourselves, we can advise you through this stage of the process.

Learn more about the purchasing and installation process here:

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Maintaining Your Lift

Like maintaining your car, it’s as essential to maintain your lift. Operating your platform lift without maintenance is dangerous and can damage the components of the lift, which could be much more expensive to repair than maintaining your lift.

Learn more about the importance of servicing and maintaining your lift:

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