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 Banksia Compact – Residential Lift

Compact Style Home Lift

Banksia – Residential Lift

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Balmoral – Residential Lift 
Residential Lift

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Range of Platform Lifts

Banksia Compact Style Lift240kg2–42 – 60.3M/secHydraulicCompact style home lift
Banksia Lift240, 320, 408kg42 – 60.3M/secHydraulicValue – residential
Balmoral Lift408 – 630kg82 – 60.3M/secHydraulicPremium – residential
Enclosed Platform Lift400kg540.15M/secScrew DrivenResidential - 4.0m
Ascensa Lift340kg420.15M/secPlatformResidential - 1.0m

Shotton Lifts’ Full Range of Residential Lifts

We understand the importance of having a comfortable and accessible home environment. That’s why we have created our range of locally manufactured and imported residential lifts designed to make your life easier with a touch of luxury.

Whether you’re looking for a compact home lift to fit in your existing home or want to build into a new one, need a home lift that can accommodate one person or multiple family members, value for money, or are seeking a statement piece with a bold colour – Shotton Lifts can provide you with the perfect solution. Our elevator specialists are here to work with you throughout the process, from advising you on what home lifts will fit your conditions to helping you find a builder. 

 With our range of innovative, high-quality lifts, you can be sure your next project will be tailored to your exact requirements and specifications! 

Improve Mobility Around Your Home

For those with disability or mobility issues, a home lift can provide an affordable solution to help you access different levels of your home. With our range of compact home lifts and imported platform lifts, even the smallest spaces can be transformed into convenient ways to move between levels of your dwelling. 

Whether you are dealing with a new diagnosis or have been living with experience limitations due to age. We all know stair climbing can be dangerous and difficult. 

So installing a domestic lift gives you the confidence to move around your home without worry, no matter what life throws at you. Our home elevators are wheelchair-friendly and can be customised to fit any home.  

 Custom Lift Style & Design Options

We know that style is essential to you. With our range of compact and premium home lifts, you can make your home accessible without sacrificing style.

 With a future-proof design, these elevators provide maximum access for furniture and people moving between levels of your home. Our swing door model is the ideal solution for compact spaces and will fit easily into all existing homes. 

The Banksia home elevator has various custom finishes and options to suit any interior. The automatic sliding doors will make getting in and out of your lift effortless while providing easy access to furniture or a shopping cart.

Lift Purchasing & Installation Process

Shotton Lifts installation process includes an installation time, complete safety features and regular maintenance service to ensure your lift runs smoothly. 

 With an extensive supply chain and better lead times than its competitors due to our in-house engineering team of 7 professionals based in Australia, it means we can provide and install high-quality lifts built precisely how you need them.

Our team will guide you through the entire process,  helping you make the most of your investment in a safe and accessible lift for your home.

With our experience and expertise, you can be sure your new residential lift will serve its purpose now and be ready in 14 weeks, sometimes even shorter (conditions and fees apply).

Find out more about the purchasing and installation process here:

Purchasing and Installation Process >

Unmatched Attributes & Maintenance 

 Our cars have various finishes, but the most popular choice is brushed stainless steel for a durable and stylish look.

We also stock spare parts to ensure you don’t have to wait months for replacement items, giving you peace of mind that your lift is always running in top condition. Your lift will also be installed with complete safety features, ensuring you can enjoy all the benefits of a reliable and secure home lift without any worries.

Like maintaining your car, it’s as important to maintain your lift. Operating your lift without maintenance is dangerous and can damage the components of the lift, which could be much more expensive to repair than maintaining your lift.

Find out more about the importance of servicing and maintaining your lift:

Servicing and Maintenance >

Contact us about our Residential lifts for a detailed quote.

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