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Shotton Lifts’ full range of locally manufactured and Imported Residential lifts, home lifts and mobility lifts.




Low Rise Residential Lift



Unquestionable quality and built in Australia by Shotton Group, the Banksia meets all required lift codes. The Banksia is right at home in townhouse developments, designer homes or retrofitted to an existing home.

Developed for internal and external applications, the Banksia range is ideally suited to existing dwellings requiring multi-level access or new buildings with an internal void space suitable for installing a lift. For external applications, Shotton Lifts’ engineering team works hand-in-hand with a client’s builder on the additional building works which are constructed around the lift tower.

Why move out when a Banksia can be installed to take the effort out of accessing the upper storeys of homes. Depending on the space available, the Banksia comes in three sizes – standard 900mm x 1300mm, 1000mm x 1300mm and large 1100mm x 1400mm. Single entry. Sizes may vary slightly for Through Car and Corner Car models.

Shotton Lifts’ extensive range of lift interiors is sure to impress the most discerning designer and, as the manufacturer, Shotton works with customers should they need a specific finish not included in the standard range.


  • Timber doors – ability to match interiors
  • Hand set telephone
  • Up to 408kg – 5 passenger capacity
  • Speed 0.3 meters/second
  • Engineered tower ideal for retrofitting to an existing home. (Note; clients will need to engage their own builder and engineer to construct a surrounding structure compliant with the local building code).
  • 200 mm pit
  • 3200mm headroom standard, (2700mm option available some applications)


  • Application – single private residence
  • Standard – AS1735 Part 18
  • Drive Mechanism – Roped Hydraulic
  • Travel Distance – maximum of 11.3M
  • Landings Served – up to five stops
  • Speed – 0.3 Metres/Second
  • Rated Load – up to 408 kg five passenger, 630kg available based on larger car/floor area
  • Lift Car Dimensions – from 900mm wide x 1300mm deep to 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep
  • Car Interior – standard or customised

Customised Tower sizes, Lift Car sizes and interiors are available



Built locally in Shotton’s factory for ease of access in residential applications. Stainless Steel auto doors are just the thing for the home. Ideal for wheelchair applications, the Balmoral has the same qualities as the Banksia lift with the addition of Stainless Steel doors.

The Standard Car size available is 1100mm x 1400mm and other custom sizes are available to suit most applications

It’s the next step up in accessibility when choosing Shotton Lifts Balmoral Lift range. Stainless Steel finishes
or Glass add a level of sophistication and combined with our extensive range of interior finishes this is truly
a prestigious addition to your home.


  • Stainless Steel auto doors
  • 408kg – 5 passenger capacity
  • Autodial phone (optional – requires its own phone line)
  • Up to 4 Levels
  • Speed 0.3 meters/second
  • Optional engineered tower ideal for retrofitting to an existing home.
  • 200 mm pit
  • 3200mm headroom standard, (2700mm option available some applications)


  • Application – residential and public buildings
  • Standard – AS1735 Part 18
  • Drive Mechanism – Roped Hydraulic
  • Travel Distance – maximum of 11.3M
  • Landings Served – 2 stop standard. Up to 5 available (Part 12)
  • Speed – 0.3 metres/second
  • Rated Load – 408 kg – 5 passenger (optional 630kg available)
  • Lift Car Dimensions – 1100mm wide x 1400mm Deep Standard

Customised Tower sizes, Lift Car sizes and interiors are available


A relatively recent addition to Shotton’s product line, the CIBES A5000 is a small home lift that requires minimal construction work and is specially designed for small internal spaces that are so often a problem for home owners looking to improve accessibility to a second level.


  • Standard off-white steel shaft or glazed shaft option
  • Specially designed for small spaces
  • Smallest size platform lift with 1200mm x 993mm cut out sizes
  • Reduced installation time – two-to-four days is usual
  • Doors fitted with built-in self-close function with opening position of 90 degrees
  • Lift doors with panoramic glass
  • Single entry, Through, Adjacent
  • Emergency battery lowering in the event of a power failure
  • 300kg rated load


  • Application – residential and public buildings
  • Standard – EN81-41 /MD 2006/42/EC
  • Drive Mechanism – Screw Drive
  • Max number stops – up to 4 stops
  • Pit – 50mm
  • Platform size – 800mm x 830mm
  • Shaft size – 1160mm x 872mm
  • Cut out size – 1200mm x 993mm
  • Min headroom – 2250mm
  • Travel speed – max 0.15m/s
  • Standard shaft – steel panels off-white RAL 9016. Glazed shaft option available
  • Doors – single hinged doors or gates


As a local manufacturer, Shotton Lifts applied its manufacturing expertise to select world leading MRL elevator brands from overseas. MRL technology has its place in larger multi-dwelling and commercial premises with high use over at least three levels requiring speeds 1m/s and more. Shotton’s search took it to Germany and the Wittur range of lifts which is ideally suited for residential apartment dwellings with high use.

The Wittur MRL W Line is a machine room less electric elevator providing a highly reliable product that is quiet and comfortable to ride. Its compact design makes optimal use of available shaft space with pit depths starting at around 1100mm (for 1 m/s and 630kg or below).


  • Rated Load – 320-1050kg
  • Rated Speed – 1.0 m/s
  • Travel height – up to 5 stops
  • Car Sling – central guided
  • Drive – energy efficient Wittur WSG gearless drive 2:1
  • Entrance – single and through
  • Doors – central or side opening
  • Range of car sizes and finishes
  • Autodial phone


  • Application – residential and public buildings
  • Standard – EN81-1, EN81-1 / A3, BCA E3.6 – E3.9 AS1530.4 and AS1735.12
  • Drive system – machine room less electric WSG gearless drive 2:1
  • Cabinet installation – inside shaft or outside the shaft
  • Door width – 900 mm standard
  • Headroom – from 3630mm
  • Car sizes – 1100mm x 1400mm, 1350mm x 1400mm, 1100mm x 2100mm, other sizes on request.
  • Speed range – 1 m/s


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