The Benefits of Choosing a Lift Tower For Your Elevator

At Shotton Lifts, we offer both engineered towers and structural wall-mounted lifts to suit all your needs and budget.

Towerless using brackets to structural wall – we fix to your engineered wall.

Engineered tower – towered version can significantly reduce building costs and time.

Engineered Tower

Brackets With Structural Wall

Key advantages of selecting an engineered lift tower:

  • Overall costs of an engineered tower are lower because you save on materials, bricks, rio bar, core filling, and labour, compared to using brackets with a structural wall.
  • It’s a cleaner and safer install process. 
  • There is no requirement for access equipment for the lift installation.
  • The builder does not need to install door sills or lintels, as everything is contained inside the lift tower.
  • There are no outside factors, such as leaning tilt slabs or poor core hole positioning.
  • There is no need for EWP or false platforms for access. 

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