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Family owned Australian manufacturer of Residential and Commercial Lifts

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A lift is a long term investment. As a customer, choose a lift company with a long history of success – a manufacturer and partner who stocks parts locally ensuring you enjoy your investment for many years to come.

Shotton Lifts – The Australian Made Choice in Lifts and Elevators

Referrals, word of mouth and repeat customers are the ultimate in praise for a business, and Shotton Lifts is proud to have over 60% of our customers coming back or referring us to their friends.

As a manufacturer in business for over 45 years, Shotton Lifts understands lift engineering and design down to the very last component. This means you can be confident in the reliability and ongoing support you will receive from dealing with an Australian manufacturer.

Our culture and that of our 80-plus employees is to focus on continual improvement. This means you benefit from world-leading engineering and design and the very latest in lift interior colours and finishes.

The lead times at Shotton Lifts are half of our competitors. Being local, Shotton Lifts controls the manufacturing, installation and service processes.  Importers of complete lifts must deal with the challenges and delays in manufacturing and shipping. Our locally made, 14 weeks lead time means you can plan your project with a high level of reliability.

We understand you have specific needs. As the manufacturer, we have the ability to provide a high level of flexibility in finishes, and if custom engineering is needed, we have our own engineers.

As an ISO 9001 Quality systems company we are truly quality driven in all areas of the business. This includes Sales, Engineering, Logistics, Installation and Servicing. For the customer, this means our culture drives us to deliver your needs. In fact, our consultants are trained to guide you through the process of buying a lift to ensure you have considered all your needs for now and in the future.

Lifts for Multi level Homes, Townhouses & Units to 4 levels

Lifts for all Industrial & Commercial Workplaces

Platform Lifts for disability requirements in Home & Workplace


Customisations and Bespoke Designs


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We Build to Last

Two years in design and testing and over $2.5 million dollars in recent investments, Shotton Lifts delivers pure Australian excellence in Lift design and technology. One will appreciate the beauty and underlying artistic splendour in the new Alpine, Balmoral and Banksia ranges.

Our passion for function & design

Designed to reach the peak of perfection in function & form

Extensive development and prototyping was completed to deliver the all new range of Shotton Lifts. Lighter materials and new technologies were applied to maximize energy efficiency, comfort and most importantly safety.

Latest technology and testing has delivered our quality promise

The new lift design underwent detailed computer modelling and stringent physical testing for durability and performance under the toughest conditions. Material FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and real life load testing on prototypes ensure every element in the new range meets the real life lift needs of Shotton customers.

Meeting local Australian compliance to regulatory authority requirements

Our new range has undergone a stringent compliance process and been certified to comply with Australian requirements to provide peace of mind to customers of Shotton Lifts.

Locally designed and manufactured for Australian conditions

All products Shotton manufacture delivers jobs for Australians across our suppliers and Shotton Groups own workforce of over 80 employees. Developed locally means components included in the new design are readily available with aftermarket support second to none. Let’s not forget our lead times are the fastest in the industry.

Family owned and run

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