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4 Stop Commercial Lift

Alpine stretcher

4 Stop Commercial Lift

Low Rise Platform Lift

Low Rise Platform Lifts Range

Shotton Lifts’ full range of locally manufactured and imported platform lifts

Alpine630kg92-60.4M/secRoped HydraulicCommercial - 4 stops
Alpine Stretcher630kg920.4M/secRoped HydraulicCommercial - Stretcher/boot
Enclosed Platform Lift400kg540.15M/secScrew DrivenCommercial - 4.0m
Extollo Lift340kg420.15M/secPlatformCommercial - 1.5m

Commercial passenger lifts from Shotton Lifts will ensure that your business or organisation meets the requirements of Building & Accessibility Codes BCA/DDA.

Shotton Lifts Commercial passenger lifts incorporate roped hydraulic technology that eliminates space consuming machine rooms. Through innovative design the lifts can easily fit into existing buildings, even where there is limited space.

Shotton Lifts pride themselves on efficient installation and a dedicated service team for after sale service and operations. Our lifts are installed in schools, colleges, offices, clinics, hotels, public buildings, restaurants, wineries, theatres, and childcare centres.

Whether you’re looking for, disabled access only lift or a low-rise platform wheelchair lift – Shotton Lifts have the range to satisfy your needs.

Shotton Lifts are the chosen supplier of lifts by Architects & Builders for the simple yet solid design and ease of doing business.

Shotton commercial lifts are stylish, with a number of safety features and customizable interiors.

As we manufacture the lifts in Dandenong, Victoria they can be designed, supplied & installed including bespoke lifts within the approved Australian building & lift codes. Shotton Lifts takes customisation to the next level. Being local, lead times are less than imported product and parts are readily available.

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Lift Purchasing & Installation Process

Shotton Lifts will guide you through the process of purchasing and installing one of their lifts, starting with a no-cost consultation, an ending with our final inspection. Though we don’t do the building works ourselves, we can advise you through this stage of the process. 

Our lifts can take up to 14 weeks for the lead time. However, this time can be shortened if needed to 8, 10, or 12 weeks, but conditions and fees will apply.

Find out more about the purchasing and installation process here:

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Maintaining Your Lift

Like maintaining your car, it’s as important to maintain your lift. Operating your lift without maintenance is dangerous and can damage the components of the lift, which could be much more expensive to repair than maintaining your lift.

Find out more about the importance of servicing and maintaining your lift:

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