Lift colours & finishes

Shotton Lifts’ colours & finishes

Shotton Lifts has been at the forefront of innovation and style for decades. Our range of residential and commercial elevators provides customers with a choice in style, colours and finishes that they can customise to suit their vision.

From Banksia, Melba & Balmoral lift products to our collection of interior finishes, you can trust that your style will become a reality – no matter the trends! We always strive to keep up with the current style, giving you access to the best laminate and coatings.

With Shotton Lifts, style is always top of mind.


Shotton Lifts are the manufacturer. Choose from the standard interior design or custom design your own interiors to suit your project or building.

Our range

As a local Australian Manufacturer, Shotton Lifts offers bespoke design services to provide our clients the opportunity to develop a total interior design plan for their residential or commercial building. This can include glass, metals, laminates and other coatings which are compatible with our design, manufacturing process and materials.

As colours and textures regularly change to reflect current trends please check available range before selecting colours. Available range may vary without notice. Please visit our showroom or get in touch with Shotton Lifts for more options.

Colours & their meanings

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