Lift servicing for your Home Office Factory

Long life maintenance program for your lift

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Why preventative lift maintenance?

A lift is no different to buying a new vehicle. It has a similar level of investment coupled with a “duty of care” to ensure safe ongoing operation for all occupants. Like a car the electronic and Mechanical components of a lift require regular inspection and servicing.

Installed a Shotton Lift recently?


Having a lift maintained regularly by Shotton Lifts has many benefits:

  • Improved ongoing Lift safety and reliability.
  • Reducing your costs, by identifying problems before major component wear occurs.
  • Minimises the risk of costly breakdowns and your lift being out of service.
  • Compliance in relation to relevant building and Lift codes.
  • Improved resale value at a later date for your home.

Safety & savings of regular lift preventative maintenance

Important factors you should be aware of when considering servicing of your lift

What we Offer

Shotton Lifts Service Maintenance Plans are designed to optimize serviceability and life of your lift. Our Plans include a set number of calls over a 12 month period which will include a documented service checklist of inspection and safety checks. Service records are maintained in your personal “Long Life Maintenance Program” booklet .This remains with the lift and proof for future owners that the lift has been regularly maintained to Australian Standards. Our Maintenance Agreement Service Intervals available include—monthly, quarterly and 6 monthly incorporating access to a 24 hour call centre. One yearly and 5 yearly services are also available including a 5 year full load test required under AS1735.10.