Maximizing Your Lift’s Performance – Exploring Power Sources

Maximizing Your Lift’s Performance: Factors That Determine Your Power Source Reliable performance is foremost for any lift installed within a home or business, but how do you know which power source will suit your lift? In this blog post, we’ll explore the factors determining your power source, compare single-phase and three-phase power, and provide valuable […]

How Much Does A Home Lift Cost?

How Much Does a Home Lift Cost? With more and more Australians choosing to live in multi-storey homes, the popularity of residential lifts is on the rise, and if that’s your case, you may be researching and enquiring about the cost of a home lift in Australia. Firstly, homeowners install a lift in their homes […]

The NBN is rolling out! Are you ready?

The NBN is rolling out! Are you ready?       HOW DOES THIS AFFECT YOUR LIFT EMERGENCY PHONE? The NBN is not guaranteed to work during a power outage meaning your emergency lift phone may not be able to make a call to your lift support centre if you have a power failure. WHAT […]