Banksia compact style lifts

Beyond Innovation
Providing greater accessibility to your 2- 4 level home

The Banksia Compact, draws it’s design from the highly popular Banksia lift and was specifically developed as a solution to meet smaller footprints. Like the mainstay Banksia version, the Banksia Compact also meets the full requirements of a practical and functional lift for either new or existing residential homes.

Our design options provide an extensive choice of colours, textures and finishes to ensure your lift interior is an architectural feature of your home and is a very practical addition in assisting you to move yourself freely between levels.


The Banksia Compact can also utilise our engineered tower option, which is ideal for residential applications where concrete or steel engineered lift voids are not practical or available and with the tower’s bolt together design, means that in most cases, the lift can be delivered through a standard size doorway.

(Some other access requirements and conditions apply)

Compact Style Home Lift with Style & fast 0.3m/s Speed

5-7 Day Install Time (Subject to site conditions)

Minimal Space Required means it can go in more spaces around your home

Rated Load


Travel Height



2 person


2 - 6

Drive System

Smooth ride Hydraulic Drive

Power Supply

Single phase, 32 amp

Car Types

Single Entry

Door Configuration

Swing door (left or right)


Safety features of the Banksia Compact Style lift

  • The door has a fully secure locking device which automatically opens upon arrival at the level.(point of arrival).
  • A light ray ensures any obstructions into the doorway while the lift is moving will result in the lift stopping until removed.
  • An Emergency battery backup ensures during a power failure the lift can return to the lower floor in safety and lighting remains on for a defined period.
  • In car Telephone Handset connected to a home telephone line or GSM unit (in NBN areas) all with battery backup should a power failure occur.

Why should I choose a Banksia Compact Style lift?​

  • Simply stated this is a Locally produced, Australian designed product.
  • The Compact footprint means it can be located in more spaces than larger lifts.
  • The Shotton engineered structural tower means the building requirements and costs are reduced.
  • WorkCover design approved in Australia and manufactured to strict Australian Standards.
  • Flexibility to suit your needs to accommodate 1 or 2 persons. Larger Wheelchair models are available.
  • Being locally made service and parts are readily available.
  • You do not have to wait for your lift to come from some unknown overseas factory


Enjoy the benefits of Soft ride Hydraulic Drive
Our Banksia Compact Style Lift uses a modern electronic and Hydraulic Drive system to provide the most comfortable travel experience including :

  • Slide design for smooth ride
  • Quieter travel
  • Higher speed than compact platform style lifts
  • Smaller footprint
  • Higher travel distance
  • 240kg capacity (High capacity models available)
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Low cost to run
  • Handrail option available
  • Emergency flush mount phone
  • Choice of interiors & custom design service

Car interiors

Customise your Banksia Compact Style Home Lift to compliment your style and home interior, with a range of optional interior & door finishes and features.


  • A large range of Dulux wall colours
  • Ceiling and Control panels in Brushed Stainless or Dulux colours.
  • Optional Custom finishes including laminates, metals & even Glass
  • Handrail (option)
Residential Lift

Intelligent design

Smart design as standard
The Incorporated Structural Tower Design as standard is a smart yet simple approach to installing a Home lift into Compact location. From installation to operation, every detail has been designed with you in mind.

  • Quick installation
    We can install through standard doorways.
  • Minimal building work
    Can be installed in a low cost non load bearing shaft
  • Assured safety
    Safety Electronic Door safety Light rays
  • Worksafe Design Registered
    Compliance: AS1735-18
  • Easy to use
    Landing and in car call buttons, LED lighting
  • Modern design
    Extruded Aluminium car design with inset wall panels providing customer input & choice into design. No standard one off designs.

Service & maintenance

Maintenance Agreement Service Intervals available include—monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and yearly incorporating access to a 24 hour call centre.

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