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Purchasing and installing a lift

What’s involved in Purchasing and Installing a Residential to Commercial Lift

As an Australian manufacturer, Shotton Lifts strive to offer a high level of flexibility to their customers.  They follow underlying quality principles and processes to ensure your lift is manufactured to the highest quality, and installed to  Australian Safety Standards.

Buying a lift can be overwhelming to the newcomer. Shotton Lifts have therefore provided the following guide outlining the process from quoting through to finally hand over of the lift in your home or workplace.

Residential and Commercial Lifts

10-14 Week Lead Times

Australian & Imported Lifts


Step 1: Free no cost consultation

Contact us for a no obligation appointment at your home or workplace or in our showroom. Shotton Lifts can advise you of your options that best suit your needs and budget.

Step 2: Quote and Lift options to consider

Shotton Lifts will prepare a proposal including Lift model information and a Quotation with a summary of building works that you will need to discuss with your builder or architect.

Step 3: Place your Order

Once the quote is accepted you will need to select your interior finishes and pay your deposit within 7 days to secure your price.

Step 4: Engineering and Drawing approval

Based on the information you provide as your options in the quotation,  Shotton Lifts engineering team begins the process of preparing working drawings. This will be needed by your builder and we recommend they approve the drawings with you so all building works are done in accordance with the lift installation requirements. Lift Interior finishes form part of the drawings and require your signed approval.

Step 5: Drawing approval and Manufacturing

Once you have arranged approval of the drawings the next payment “Prior to manufacturing” needs to be made.

Once paid your lift goes into production and your lead time commences.

All lead times quoted (currently 12-14 weeks) do not commence until engineering drawings have been approved and signed by the customer and payments have been received into Shotton Lifts bank account.

Step 6: Site Inspection during building works

Shotton Lifts want to ensure your lift is installed with minimal disruption to you and your builder. Delays onsite can be costly. The company’s Installation manager is available for a site visit to meet with your builder and discuss the project and lift requirements.

Step 7: Site inspection two weeks out from installation

The site should be ready for the lift installation so we can conduct final dimension checks and other inspection items.

Our Installation manager will visit the site for a Final Inspection to verify all building works have been completed to the specifications on the original engineering drawings. The pre-site installation invoice will be issued and should be paid at least one week prior to the install date. This secures your installation start date.

Step 8: Pre site inspection on day of installation

Our team of usually two technicians attend site. The team leader follows a process which first includes a safety assessment of the site. We take the safety of our employees seriously and we ask our customers to assist us by keeping the building sites compliant to current workplace legislation.

Step 9: Installation procedure

On day one we will require secure and dry storage space for the lift components near the lift shaft.

Other works near the shaft should be suspended during lift installation. Access to all levels via stairs is a requirement. This is all standard Lift industry safe practice. (Read “work by others” in our proposal for further information)

Practical Installation (not including commissioning) will usually take between 4-7 days depending on the lift and site conditions.

On completion the lift will not be left running as it is not yet commissioned. Our team leader will leave a “Completion List” with the builder or your authorised representative, which outlines works the builder must complete prior to contacting our install manager to book in a commissioning time.

Step 10: Commissioning and Final Inspection

We work closely with the builders to ensure all work onsite is completed in accordance with Lift regulations. Testing is conducted on the lift including all safety systems and Control operations of the lift. A compliance certificate is provided once the final invoice and any outstanding payments have been made. A final inspection with the builder will take place and handover completed. Shotton Lifts can be contacted by the new owners of the lift for further training and ongoing maintenance of the lift.

Further Questions?

If you have any questions about our installation process or the services that we provide, please view our FAQs page, or contact us directly.