Alpine lift

Aussie made for Australian Standard AS1735.1.2
A commercially driven lift solution that delivers BCA E3.6, DDA compliance, with physical, audible and visual accessibility features and meets AS1735.1.2

Alpine represents the next-generation solution for the Shotton Lifts commercial range. Manufactured locally within Australia, the elevator can be supplied with one the shortest lead times available within the marketplace today. The Alpine has been designed and developed specifically to meet commercial needs within the Australian building and construction sectors.

Ideal for factories, offices and other applications up to 4 levels, Alpine is the choice of builders and developers who require a quality-made, compliant elevator for a short to medium lead time installation.

The lift provides an array of standard features including, Fire rated Stainless Steel Auto sliding doors, Handrails, a main and auxiliary control panel, landing displays, both visible and voice annunciations and all other features required by the relevant codes under AS1735.1.2, BCA E3.6 and DDA.

The Standard Car size available is 1100mm x 1400mm, with the car interior itself, available in a wide range of aesthetic options, from entry to premium levels.

From ordering Shotton Lifts can manufacture and install within 10-14 weeks following approval of drawings.

Large Accessible Lift Car

BCA E3.6 & DDA Compliant

Locally Made, Short Lead Times

Commercial Lift

Rated Load


Travel Height



1-9 person



Drive System

Roped Hydraulic

Power Supply

3 phase/25 amp

Door Opening

900 x 2000

Door Configuration




Compliant to

AS1735.1.2 and AS1735.12

Voice Annunciation

Landing Displays

Pit Depth



What is an Alpine Lift?​

The Apline, is a BCA E3.6 compliant light commercial elevator manufactured by Shotton Lifts in Melbourne Australia to Australian standards. It is BCA /DDA access compliant and designed to travel within a shaft serving up to 4 levels. The Alpine features a large car, which means a capacity of 630Kg and comes with a wide range of easily maintained finishes.

Why should I choose an Alpine lift?​

  • Can be installed with Shotton Lifts Engineered steel tower or client supplied wall.
  • When time is critical to a project a 12-14 weeks lead time is available (Half the time of imports)
  • Local parts and service supported by the manufacturer in Australia
  • Incorporated design features for easy ongoing maintenance of lift and Cabin interior.
  • Greater choice of Lift interiors and customisations including finishes and colours.
  • WorkSafe design certified for your safety
  • Fire rated Auto sliding doors means improved accessibility
  • Low 200mm minimum pit depth and engineered tower are ideal for existing buildings installing a BCA/DDA compliant lift
  • Includes all the features as per Australian Standard AS1735.1.2, BCA E3.6 and DDA for more than 2 levels
  • Audible and Visual enhancements for improved accessibility.
Commercial Lift

Lift features & design

  • Autodial phone – Push and hold to autodial to the Call centre
  • Fire rated Brushed Stainless-Steel auto opening Sliding doors
  • Compliant Brushed Stainless Handrail
  • Compliant full length Main and Auxiliary Control Panels with dual illuminating buttons and digital level displays
  • Landing plates on each level with fully compliant buttons and digital displays and signage.
  • A Safety battery back-up system for lighting and emergency lowering in case of power failure
  • LED Down lights
  • Dulux colour powder coated or Brushed Stainless wall panels
  • Optional Abet Laminati or Mirror stainless steel wall panels
  • Extruded Aluminium car frame for strength & longer life (powder coated)
  • A range of other safety features including an emergency brake and a safety gear mechanism

Safety & accessibility

  • Design standard – AS1735 Part 12
  • A safe battery back-up system to return you to the home position in case of power failure.
  • Manual lowering option backup in case of power failure
  • To overcome accessibility barriers with client’s needs paramount in our designers minds our lifts are designed to meet a series of compliance requirements and BCA codes providing both safety and accessibility.
  • Standard Autodial phone inside the lift car for unforeseen emergencies.
  • Presence of as emergency brake and a safety gear mechanism to ensure the safety of passengers all the time.
  • Auto sliding fire safety car and landing doors.
  • Door detector 2D electronic safety light rays
  • Compliant Control Panel and Landing Panels


  • Lift Car Dimensions – Large 1100mm (w) x 1400mm (d)
  • 630 KG capacity loads
  • Lift configurations to accommodate a range of floorplan needs – Single entry, Through car
  • Lift interior options include Abet Laminati Panels, Mirror Stainless Steel and Glass.
  • Glass Cabin with Glass doors
  • Bespoke design service
  • Fire services – Shotton Lifts control system is compatible for most systems – by others (program option)
  • CCTV camera Shotton Lifts control system is compatible for most systems – by others (program option)


  • Choice of Shotton Lifts engineered tower ideal for retrofitting to an existing building or a built engineered wall supplied by client. (Note; clients will need to engage their own builder and engineer to construct a surrounding structure compliant with the local building code).
    • 200 mm pit
    • 3300mm headroom standard

Service & maintenance

  • Maintenance Agreement Service Intervals available include—monthly, quarterly and 6 monthly incorporating access to a 24 hour call centre.
  • One yearly and a 5 year full load test is available as required under AS1735.10.

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