The recent Victorian Government Budget announcement for students to achieve their best included $6 billion in new school programs and infrastructure. Shotton Lifts have outlined the qualities of their lifts and how they assist in enabling all students – regardless of needs – to receive a vibrant education and learning journey

Shotton Lifts can provide vertical transportation solutions which embrace this universal, inclusive education goal and the Governments Disability Inclusion objective within state schools.

During typical movement cycles within an educational institution, there is an enormous and rapid movement of many people at particular times during the day. Such action is often counter inclusive to people with limited mobility. A passenger lift enables safe access for those who are less able to negotiate these situations and provides a solution that will deliver years of safe operation. Additionally, it allows people with special needs to integrate into the community and assists them in utilising the facility fully.

We have installed lifts in schools and universities throughout Victoria and Australia and offer a range of solutions that fulfil the most demanding of vertical access challenges.

Our lifts meet or exceed the following standards:
  • AS 1428.2: Design for accesses and mobility – Enhanced and additional requirements
  • AS 1735.12: Lifts, escalators and moving walks – Facilities for persons with disabilities
  • AS 1735.14: Lifts, escalators and moving walks – Low rise for passengers.


Encapsulated in these standards are the following criteria:
  • Are of commercial quality with a fully enclosed cabin
  • Are key-protected, providing controlled access and use for disabled students, visitors, and members of staff only
  • Contain alarmed communication devices so staff can be made aware of a trapped person
  • Internal lift-car dimensions of at least 1400mm x 1100mm to enable a fully motorised wheelchair and carer to be able to access and manoeuvre the space
  • Lift controls are mid-way on side wall/s for easy wheelchair access

Why choose Shotton Lifts

Experience and technical knowledge

We are fully committed to the products that we manufacture. We have over 43 years’ of experience in sheet metal component manufacture and more than ten years’ in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of vertical lift systems. Shotton Lifts commercial and lifestyle solutions are in operation all over Australia with products for both residential, commercial and disable access to allow everyone to be inclusive within their environment and community.

Completely immersed in our product

We can deliver the best possible solution for our clients. We intimately know every component of our lifts and allow our customers to utilise this knowledge to create a solution that matches the specific requirements they posses. We manufacture complete lift systems from start to finish and can provide complex made-to-measure solutions to satisfy the most demanding of projects.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities

We are part of the Shotton Group, an Australian and family owned business which was founded in 1977 and has continually strived to provide state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and capabilities to our customers. In 2010 we commenced producing lifts under the Shotton Lifts brand and since then have continuously developed our lift range to the point where the next models will embrace future standards including EN81. With modern equipment and production capabilities within the 7000 m2 of production facilities and over 90+ staff at our disposal, we are the only lift manufacturer in Melbourne. Dealing directly with the manufacturer we can provide any detailed information and specifications you may require and can provide a 12 -14 weeks lead time to deliver a lift solution that meets every criteria.

We also install to ensure total satisfaction

Unlike some manufacturers, we offer total support for the life of the product. We utilise specialist teams to install our lifts to facilitate customer satisfaction and deliver service and maintenance programs to ensure the continued enjoyment of your Shotton Lift. Our hands-on approach means that we fully understand the practical requirements of the installation process and can assist our customers with providing solutions that resolve their unique and specific needs.

Quality, reliability and durability

Our lifts have an enviable reputation for high performance and outstanding operational efficiency. The outcome of our ability to carefully supervise every aspect of the production process is reliable, durable lifts that are built to last.

Talk to us, and we’ll make it happen

As part of our commitment to our customers and those who support them, should you require additional information about the specifications of any of our manufactured products we will gladly provide them? If you desire a demonstration within our fully operational showroom, we would be more than happy to arrange a demonstration for you.