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NOTE: Old model Lift shown. Please visit our showroom for view and test drive the new Lift model

Consort Lift

Compact Style Home Lift

Taking your home to the next level


Offering a wide range of features to make it your own...

Enjoy the benefits of Traction Drive

Our Consort Lift uses Traction Drive to provide the most comfortable travel experience with a range of:

  • Soft start/stop
  • Quieter travel
  • Self-contained unit
  • Smaller footprint
  • Higher travel distance
  • 255kg capacity
  • Emergency lowering system located beside the lift
  • Less expensive to run
  • Environmentally friendly

Optional drive features available:

  • Faster motor
  • 300kg heavy duty capacity
  • Hydraulic Drive system

Intelligent design as standard

From installation to operation, every detail has been designed with you in mind.

  • Quick installation
    Clean and simple
  • Minimal building work
    No wall attachment, shaft or pit required
  • Assured safety
    Safety sensor/edges
    Self levelling for uneven floors
    BS5900:2012 Compliant
  • Easy to use
    Diagnostic messaging Wireless remote control
  • Contemporary design
    Elegant and clean frame with large vision panels LED lighting
All lifts are manufactured and compliant with international
standards and quality requirements.

Configurations that fit your home

Available in three sizes and two car heights, you can choose the configuration that best suits your requirements and room dimensions.

  • Single person
  • Two people
  • Wheelchair user
  • 1.8m or 2.0m car height
  • Available in 3 Interior Sizes:
    • 542 x 750mm
    • 850 x 750mm
    • 850 x 1250mm

The Consort Lift can be installed in any room, according to your desired travel within your home and room floor plans.

Your interior, your design

From installation to operation, every detail has been designed with you in mind.


  • Special RAL colours
  • Mood lighting*
  • Full colour 7” display
  • In-car telephone
  • Handrail
  • Tip-up seat
  • Power operated door
  • Auto dialler

7” LCD Display

Handrail with controls

In-car telephone

Tip-up seat

Add a touch of luxury to suit your lifestyle

with a Consort Lift,
the latest in premium home access.

Featuring large vision panels in a clean frame, custom LED ceiling lights with optional colour choice, and one touch internal controls, the Consort Lift is an impressive addition to any home.

Providing smooth and quiet through floor travel, the elevator includes external controls on both floors, and is equipped with our new Intelligent Logic Diagnostic Display offering a wealth of benefits to you.

This innovatory digital control system displays lift functions during travel and a simplified fault diagnostic, allowing most operational issues to be easily resolved automatically or over the phone with our support team.

Designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes, the Consort Lift is available in a range of sizes and with a travel distance up to 4.2 metres – one of the longest offered on the market!

Travelling on elegant vertical elevator rails, not only means minimal installation work, but when the lift is not in the room you can enjoy all of your living space.

Manufactured to the highest safety standards and with a wide range of optional extras, the Consort Lift is the ultimate choice for adding value to your lifestyle at home.

Why take the stairs when you can travel effortlessly?

Travel in style and ease within your home with our elegant

Consort Lift,

and enjoy where you live both now and in the

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