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Shotton Lifts’ residential lifts are made to Australian standards

Banksia Compact Lift | Shotton Lifts in Melbourne

Compact Style Home Lift 

Rated Load 240kg  / 2 – 4 Person / 2 – 4 Landings / 1 phase / Hydraulic
Banksia Home Lifts and Elevators by ShottonLifts

Most Popular Home Lift

Rated Load 240-408kg / 1 – 4 Person / 4 Landings / 1 or 3 phase / Hydraulic
Balmoral Lifts | Shotton Lifts in Melbourne

Premium Residential Lift 

Rated Load 408–630kg / 9 Person / 4 Landings / 6Kw 3 phase / Hydraulic
Residential Commercial Platform Lifts | Enclosed Lifts | Shotton Lifts

Space optimal – Platform Lift 

Rated Load 400kg / 5 Person / 4 Landings / 1 or 3 phase / Screw Drive
Commercial Lifts - Low Rise Platform Lifts - ShottonLifts in Melbourne

Range of Platform Lifts

Rated Load 260 – 500 kg / 1 – 4 Person / 2 Landings / 1 phase / Hydraulic


Banksia Compact Style Lift240kg2 – 42 – 4HydraulicCompact style home lift
Banksia Lift240, 320, 408kg1 – 440.3M/secHydraulicValue – residential
Balmoral Lift408 – 630kg1 – 440.3M/secHydraulicPremium – residential
Enclosed Platform Lift400kg1 – 540.15M/secScrew DrivenResidential
Mobilus Lift260 – 500 kg1 – 420.15M/secPlatformResidential – 1.0m
Libero Lift260 – 340 kg1 – 420.15M/secPlatformResidential – 1.5m


Banksia Compact Style Lift240kg2-42-4Smooth ride hydraulic driveHome – Compact style home lift
Banksia Lift240, 320, 408kg440.3M/secHydraulicResidential – Value Range
Balmoral Lift408 – 630kg440.3M/secHydraulicResidential – Premium Range
Enclosed Platform Lift400kg540.15M/secScrew DrivenResidential – Import Range
Mobilus Lift260 – 500 kg420.15M/secPlatformResidential – 1.0m
Libero Lift260 – 340 kg420.15M/secPlatformResidential – 1.5m

Shotton Lifts’ full range of locally manufactured and imported platform lifts

We all love a little luxury and comfort in our homes. At Shotton Lifts, we’ve developed our range of locally manufactured and imported residential lifts to make your life easier, all with a touch of luxury.

Everyone’s needs are different. Whether you’re looking to add a lift onto your current home, or build into your new home, whether your a single person or a large family, or whether you’re looking to turn your home lift into a statement piece with a bold colour; we can work with you and advise on what will work best for your scenario.

We’re a solutions-focused business, so what we offer you is based on your own specific needs.
We can work with you throughout the entire process, from advising you on what lift will fit your needs, through to helping you find a builder.

We’ve been in the business for over 40 years now, supplying and manufacturing lifts and their components for the Australian market. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or would like to talk to someone about your needs, please get in contact with one of our friendly staff.

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Lift Purchasing & Installation Process

Shotton Lifts will guide you through the process of purchasing and installing one of their lifts, starting with a no-cost consultation, an ending with our final inspection. Though we don’t do the building works ourselves, we can advise you through this stage of the process.

Find out more about the purchasing and installation process here:

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Maintaining Your Lift

Like maintaining your car, it’s as important to maintain your lift. Operating your lift without maintenance is dangerous and can damage the components of the lift, which could be much more expensive to repair than maintaining your lift.

Find out more about the importance of servicing and maintaining your lift:

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