Shotton Lifts’ Compact and Value Home Lift Range


Shotton Lifts’ home lifts are made in Australia to Australian standards

Banksia Compact Lift | Shotton Lifts in Melbourne

Our Banksia Compact Style Lift

Rated Load 240 kg / 2 Person / 2-4 Landings / Single phase / Smooth drive / Full Range Stylish Interiors
Banksia Home Lifts and Elevators by ShottonLifts

Our Most Popular Residential Lift

Rated Load 240-408kg / 1 – 4 Person / 4 Landings / 1 or 3 phase / Hydraulic / See our Full Range Model of sizes & Designs.


Banksia Compact Style Lift240kg1 – 22 – 40.3M/secHydraulicCompact home lifts
Banksia Lift240, 320, 408kg1 – 42 – 40.3M/secHydraulicValue – residential home lifts


Banksia Compact Style Lift240kg2-42-4Smooth ride hydraulic driveHome – Compact style home lift
Banksia Lift240, 320, 408kg440.3M/secHydraulicResidential – Value Range

Shotton Lifts’ full range of locally manufactured and imported home lifts.

We all love a little luxury in our home, so at Shotton Lifts we simply wish to make your life easier and more comfortable. At Shotton Lifts we have developed a range of Residential home lifts that make travelling between floors a natural part of every day living. Our elegant residential lifts enhance your home and your life – and we promise that you can customize  your lift so it becomes quite a talking point when friends visit.

Whether it is a single person or a full family of 9 people, we have a solution just for you. If you have a shaft already built or no room allocated for the lift, we have a solution!!

At Shotton lifts we don’t sell products we sell solutions that are tailored to suit your requirement. Our Residential lifts not only future proof your home but also add enormous enhanced value to the property. We have been supplying parts and manufacturing lifts components in Australia for over 40 years now! If you would like to talk to us about the possibility of installing a lift in your home we are here to help.

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Lift Installation Process

Shotton Lifts will guide you through the process of purchasing and installing one of their lifts, starting with a no-cost consultation, an ending with our final inspection. We can even assist you and work with a suitable builder who can advise you through any planning and building approvals and construction.

Find out more about the purchasing and installation process here:

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Maintaining Your Lift

Like maintaining your car, it’s as important to maintain your lift. Operating your lift without maintenance is dangerous and can damage the components of the lift, which could be much more expensive to repair than maintaining your lift.

Find out more about the importance of servicing and maintaining your lift:

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