Safety checks significantly reduce the chance of injury.

Your lift, just like a car, has many parts that need to run harmoniously together for it to work safely or at all. Shotton Lifts are built to the highest quality to meet Australian Safety standards. Over time there is a chance that integral parts will deteriorate if not serviced and maintained.

As part of our standard service, a list of safety checks is carried out that are designed to find potential faults. This leaves you with the peace of mind that your lift will run as intended.

All our service plans are tailored individually for every client

Nearly every lift has different usage and situations which can significantly vary the level of service and safety check requirements.
We take all these things into consideration when developing your tailored service agreement removing any unnecessary costs and wasted time resulting in a service agreement that reflects your needs exactly and keep costs to a minimum.

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Peace of mind

After each service a detailed report is issued to advise you of the overall condition of the lift and as time goes on, any parts that are likely to need replacement or repair on future services. If our technician feels that the issue needs to be rectified immediately be assured that it must be important and well worth getting it fixed immediately. Either way we will do our best to ensure there are no nasty surprises when it comes to completing your next service.


As part of programmed servicing we notify you of when each service is due and arrange a convenient time to carry out the works. We have worked very hard to ensure what we offer to you is real value for money to give you many years of trouble free use of your lift.

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