elevate 2021 with bonus inclusions on Shotton Lifts

We all really feel like we have been held back in 2020.

Our aspirations and plans have been put on hold during this turbulent year.

With COVID-19 nationally under control, and a more positive outlook ahead Shotton Lifts have decided to embrace this assurance and offer some bonus incentives to truly get your plans back on track, and elevate 2021.

Both residential and commercial lifts have bonus inclusions. For a residential lift valued over $42K but under $50K there is the inclusion of free GSM installation and a free service within the first 12 months of operation.

Commercial and residential lifts over $50K each have inclusions of free GSM installation and a complimentary lift tower to truly get your new plans off‑the‑ground in 2021.

For Residential Lifts with a value under $50K
residential lifts bonus inclusions

Type of Lift – Residential

Threshold Valve – $42,000

Bonus Inclusions
GSM Installation & 1 free service within the first 12 months

Total Savings$1800

For Commercial & Residential Lifts with a value over $50K
residential and commercial lifts bonus inclusions

Type of Lift – Residential & Commercial

Threshold Valve (Residential) – $50,000+

Threshold Valve (Commercial) – $55,000+

Bonus Inclusions
GSM Installation & Lift Tower

Total Savings$3200

Benefits of Buying Australian Made

Our lifts are Made in Australia. We are not affected by delays in overseas supply or shipping delays due to either restrictions at the port of delivery or receiving.

We can deliver your lift within 12-14 weeks from finalisation and being the manufacturer we can also provide exactly what you require, including any customisation. With over 10 years’ of experience manufacturing lifts we can assist you with all the requirements of the design process to ensure a totally pleasurable solution that will provide years of continuous service.

Our fully trained installation teams can have the completed lift installed in a manner of days at your property and we stand by our product with the ability to provide spares and ongoing service and support.

There has never been a more opportune time to buy Australian. It keeps jobs and skills in Australia and benefits the local economy. Products Made in Australia are not affected by supply delays and production shutdowns in overseas countries. We have great confidence in the quality of our product and can assure you that it is worlds best standard. The quality of this Australian Made product will not disappoint.

Celebrations are on us!

To celebrate the finalisation of your lift we will provide you with a bottle of the finest Australian Made sparkling wine to help you celebrate. A fitting way to toast your new Shotton Lift that will keep providing the best of service for years to come.

Congratulations, your lifestyle dreams and aspirations have taken a conclusive step forward in 2021.

celebrate on us with complimentary sparkling wine

Terms & Conditions:

Promotion runs over the period of 15th December 2020 until the 31st January 2021 on all residential and commercial lifts that have a contract signed and deposit paid within the promotional period. Installation will be within the requirements of the build and can occur at a later date.

Residential Lifts receive the bonus GSM installation and free service within the first 12 months for those with a value over $42,000 but under $50,000 . Total value of promotional bonus inclusions is $1800.

Commerical Lifts over $55,000 in total price, and Residential Lifts over $50,000 both qualify for the second offer which is free installation of GSM phone and the complimentary lift tower with a total bonus value of $3200.

Australian Sparkling wine will be provided with the completion of the installation.

Terms and conditions subject to change. Offer valid from 15th December 2020 until completion of the promotion, 31st January 2021. All values exclude GST.

Offer may be extended.